4 Benefits of Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Many industrial refrigeration systems use ammonia refrigerant. Ammonia for refrigeration (NH3) is nothing new, and its history dates back to the mid-19th Century. However, it still remains an important tool in large commercial and industrial applications. In fact, the industry is so large that some companies (like McNeil Industrial) specialize in industrial refrigeration services. Here are four benefits of this time-tested refrigerant.

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Ammonia Refrigeration Contractors and the Importance of PSM

If your company deals with hazardous substances in pressurized systems, you must take special precautions. If not, employees and anyone entering your facility could face dangerous situations. These hazards can affect the environment, and PSM (process safety management) addresses these issues and shows you how to control them. Since PSM is an essential part of maintaining an ammonia refrigerating system, it is very important to use ammonia refrigeration contractors with PSM experience.

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Ammonia Refrigeration Companies – Why You Should Choose McNeil Industrial

If your business depends on large industrial refrigeration equipment, proper maintenance is essential. Also, you might think about upgrading or replacing equipment, or maybe you’re moving into a new facility. When you have needs like these, you should use one of the best ammonia refrigeration companies. Here are some good reasons to come to McNeil Industrial.

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