Ammonia Process Safety

McNeil’s PSM experts have worked in ammonia refrigeration facilities across the United States and will help you design and implement a complete PSM program.

Engineering & Design


We have the experience and expertise to work with you to design a high quality and energy efficient system for your business.

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System Installation


We offer a staff of highly trained installation and service personnel with vast experience in large ammonia systems.

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Process Safety Management


We have an unparalleled advantage when it comes to experience with PSM for ammonia refrigeration programs.

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When it comes to experience with PSM for an ammonia refrigeration system, McNeil Industrial has an unparalleled advantage over other PSM contractors and consulting firms. We are a company that specializes in Ammonia Refrigeration which makes us uniquely qualified to offer you a program that is both effective and useful. Our PSM experts have worked in ammonia refrigeration plant throughout the United States and are ready to help you design and implement a complete and effective PSM program that ensures OSHA compliance.

When you choose McNeil Industrial to install a PSM Program for your refrigeration system, you can rest assured that you are investing in a comprehensive program that includes:

Employee Participation. This encourages and requires participation of employees in the development and implementation of the Ammonia Process Safety Management program.

Process Safety Information. Collection and development of technical process information for analysis.

We can develop the following:

  • Engine Room Ventilation Design
  • Relief Header calculations
  • NH3 Inventory Calculations
  • Materials of Construction
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram’s (P&ID’s)
  • Block Flow Diagrams
  • Mass & Energy Balances

Process Hazard Analysis. Engineering Analysis to ensure that all hazards are discovered and addressed to ensure safe operation. We can perform Project PHA’s and 5-year PHA Revalidations.

Operating Procedures. Writing procedures on how to operate the process safely. We can develop site specific SOP’s for your system.

Training. Training operating personnel to safely operate the process using SOP’s and other training materials. We can provide onsite training (with documentation) on your industrial ammonia refrigeration equipment.

Contractors. Assuring contractors working in the plant to perform their duties in a safe manner and are properly informed of the hazards of the processes they work with or around.

Pre-Startup Safety Review. Ensuring that before new or modified processes are started that operators are trained and the process is safe to operate. We can assist you with the Pre-Start Up Safety Review to ensure all its requirements are met.

Ammonia Mechanical Integrity. Ensuring that the process is being properly maintained. We provide:

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing (both visual and non-destructive testing)
  • Pipe Stress Analysis-Load calculations
  • Annual Compressor Safety Checks
  • Ammonia Detector Testing & Calibration
  • Compressor Oil Analysis
  • Compressor Vibration Analysis

Hot Work Permit. Controlling work that may cause a fire through prevention procedures.

Management of Change. Establishing a system to keep all records up to date and employees informed of changes to the process. We can assist in completing the Management of Change Requirements for project work and modifications to the system.

Incident Investigation. Investigating any releasese of ammonia that did or may have caused injury to individuals in the plant. This would be used to prevent future occurrences. We can also assist in providing consultation of Incident Investigations and route cause analysis and perform NH3 Release Calculations.

Emergency Planning and Response. Detailing emergency action plans for the entire plant in case of a release of ammonia. We can assist the plant in developing an Emergency Action Plan that meets their needs.

Compliance Audits. Conducting periodic internal audits to assure the Ammonia Process Safety Management Program is kept current and in compliance with the PSM Standard.

With McNeil Industrial, you get ALL of the above!

When is PSM required? When your facility has 10,000 pounds or more of Anhydrous Ammonia on its property, or if you are modifying a smaller system that will put you over the 10,000 pound Threshold Quantity. So, whether you are upgrading your refrigeration system and will exceed 10,000 lbs. or builiding a new facility, McNeil Industrial is the right choice in helping you with your OSHA 29 (CFR) 1910.119 compliance. If you are not sure if your program would pass an OSHA inspection, let us help you with a compliance audit. For additional information, e-mail

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