Engineering & Design

With years of food processing industry experience, McNeil engineers will provide an expert analysis of your system and will present a high quality – energy-efficient design.

Refrigeration Engineering On Industrial Site

Enjoy the Benefits of Exceptional Ammonia Refrigeration System Design

Are you looking to achieve greater efficiency and generate a fast return on your refrigeration investment? As experienced designers and creators of cutting-edge ammonia refrigeration systems customized to meet your exact requirements, we know that future-proof, cost-effective solutions are a priority.

Working Creatively to Produce an Ammonia Refrigeration System Design that Meets Your Demands

We know that every customer has slightly different requirements when it comes to their refrigeration. Our skilled, highly professional engineers have the capability to think of innovative ways of refining your system so that it delivers exactly as you want it to. When we design a system, we look at every stage to see how it could be improved, resulting in advanced, economical results.

We Love a Challenge!

Over the years we've created refrigeration systems for a wide range of clients. This diverse portfolio has equipped us with the ability to overcome problems and use ground-breaking technologies in combination with proven cost-saving techniques to achieve a first-class finished result. No matter how big, small, complex or simple your system needs to be, we can get the job done.

One-Stop Solution for Your Ammonia Refrigeration System Design

Our established company can complete every stage of your design process, so there's no need to sub-contract parts out or try and undertake some of the work in-house. Our goal is always to give our clients more, providing them with an effective system that gives years of durable, economical service. To find out more or to discuss your refrigeration project with us, call us at (800) 728-6160 (Nebraska) or (888) 741-2002 (Missouri).

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